Thank you for the excellent work your firm did inspecting my new condo. I am grateful that you only found a few things that need to be repaired, including a small but critical electrical issue that could have become a serious hazard. Your report was very thorough and easy to follow and the pictures were most effective in helping me understand the relative importance of each item. I will be sure to recommend your firm whenever I have the opportunity.

Mary-Ann Lambert


You guys are so kind and take such good care of your customers. It's so nice to work with you & help a family buy their first home. You were a life saver Ken for coming out to take pics for insurance... Really means a lot to me & the home buyers. God bless you and yours.

Alicia Armstrong

Realtor at Keller Williams Real Estate

Manatee Home Inspection Services LLC

Has a proven track record of excellence dating back to 1999. Below are just some of the many testimonials that we have received from our clients.
From the moment the phone was answered on your end, through the scheduling and inspection process, all the way to the follow up conversations - MHIS has been fantastic! I spoke with both Jenni and Sharon (I believe); both of whom demonstrated their knowledge of your business and their professional competency. Brett was fantastic; he was on time, professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. He took the time to explain things to me well enough for me to convey them to my husband. The follow up process was nearly effortless. THANK YOU! - Amanda Sonnen, referred to us by Brent Moss at Gulf Insurance (Great Florida Insurance of Anna Maria). She had this to say about Brent: "Brent rocks!".

(We liked) The ability to perform this inspection on a virtual moment's notice. The thoroughness of the inspection, all the photos and explanations in layman's language I could understand. We met them and didn't stick around for the inspection. We had no interaction with our inspectors, but they produced the most comprehensive report we've ever seen! Nice job! It was helpful that I was told there were no major problems before we received the report and THAT helped us decide to buy the property. Wonderful number of photos too and I liked the thumbs up for issues not to worry about! - Cia and Mark McKoy, referred to us by their realtor/friend Sharon Ingram at Michael Saunders & Company

I liked the presentation of the report with the large number of well taken pictures displaying the thumbs up sign. It was well written. I liked the fact that a customer could call and speak to the inspector about parts of the report for further explanations. - George Kowalski, referred to us by Connie Lyke-Brown from Michael Saunders & Company

The staff was very professional, informative, and extremely helpful by taking pictures of the most minor things. Like "you need to lube the glass sliding door rails". Not many inspectors would go through the time and trouble to point those things out. Very helpful. 60 some photos in all! I do not see any room for improvement, your inspectors did a great job. - Gene Kessler, referred to us by Debra Thrasher at Wagner Realty

They were at the appt. on time. Gave us additional tips about other things in the home/property. Were very, very pleasant! Both Ken and his assist. - Debbie Lee, referred to us by Toni Zarghami at Keller Williams on the Water

(I liked) Everything! I've used a lot of inspection services and you guys ROCK! - J.H., who located us through the Better Business Bureau

Easy to arrange inspection with, they did a good job and on time. - Geoffrey Burgess, referred to us by Sharon Sluckis at RE/MAX Alliance Group. He had this to say about Sharon: "Very prompt, efficient and thorough. Replies to all emails/queries professionally and courteously. Pleasure to work with."

Thoughtfulness, great team to work with, thorough report. - Andreas Schauffler, referred to us by Cindy Hayworth at Edgewater Real Estate, Inc.

You took pictures and you pointed at and described problem areas. This was helpful since I could not be present during the inspection. My brother was there and said the inspector was polite and knowledgable. He felt that he did a good job. Thank you. - Lois Garbarino

Very prompt, professional service. - Mary Lechleidner, referred to us by Lynn Zemmer @ Edgewater Real Estate Anna Maria. She had this to say about Lynn: "She is simply amazing! A great "facilitator".

[The] Inspection happened on very short notice. Thanks for your availability. [The] Report is of very high quality and very valuable. - D.M., referred to us by Penny Pier at Coldwell Banker Real Estate. She had this to say about Penny: "A nice lady, always available to help us."

(Ken) was very thorough and explained everything the crew was doing. I would recommend him to anyone. - L.P., referred to us by Barbara Edwards @ Schofield Realty.

The gentlemen who did the inspection were very professional and very informative on what they saw. They spent time going over the home to find everything [I] needed to know before purchase. They also were very congenial. I can't find anything that I feel needs improvement. Your company has told us everything we needed, your report is very thorough, and your employees were very accommodating. I definitely would recommend or use your company again. God did bless us when we chose to use your company for our inspection. We would have been very unhappy had we bought the home you inspected. - Maureen Wall, referred to us by Mary Moench at Colony Cove. She had this to say about Mary: "Mary has done everything possible at this time to find us a home that meets our needs. She was very professional and tried to find us the best price she could."

Prior to this experience, I had never thought of a home inspection as being an enjoyable venture. Even though I was not able to personally attend the inspection, I felt as if I was actually walking through the condo while reading your report. The photos and suggestions for remediation of whatever problems the inspection revealed were so helpful, and will make the process of addressing these issues so much less initimidating. Additionally, the reports were provided to me in a timely manner, and the friendly MHIS staff has been a pleasure to work with. MHIS offers prompt, professional and friendly service. Keep up the good work! I don't know of anyone needing your services at the moment, but I will definitely be recommending MHIS in the future! - Crisanda Singer, referred to us by Katharine Pepper @ Rose Bay International Realty. She had this to say about Katharine: "Katharine is highly dedicated to her profession, and has worked tirelessly on our behalf to assure that our real estate transaction progresses in a smooth and timely manner. She is friendly, prompt and knowledgeable, with a good sense of humor. That sense of humor has helped tremendously in diffusing some of the unavoidable stress involved with navigating an out-of-state transaction. Our budget is small, yet never once have we felt we were not being given the same great service we would have received had we been involved in a much larger transaction. I will be recommending Katharine to others at every opportunity."

I loved your report, clear pictures and detail! Thanks for the quick service! - G.C., referred to us by Cecilio Sanchez @ Keller Williams Realty. She had this to say about Cecilio: "It is great to have a bilingual agent, he responds quickly to inquiries and follows up, great realtor!"

Everyone provides great customer service. - Delfina Macias on behalf of Carlos Valle, referred to us by Reva Llorens @ Insurance Time. They had this to say about Reva: "She's the best!"

Ken did a four-point for us on a house we were hoping to buy and he was good, quick and honest, traits we appreciate. He also answered all of our questions without rushing us which we also appreciated. Buying a house is a large expense and we want to make sure we are picking the right one. Initially we used a Leslie Wells realtor who introduced us to Ken. We have since had a new realtor, nothing wrong with the other one, just different circumstances, and called the old realtor to get Ken's name and number and now my current realtor is happy with him also. - Pam Lozano, referred to us by Leslie Wells Realty and working with Cheryl Edwards @ USA Match

Very friendly staff, made me feel good with warm and fuzzies. Don't get this vibe that much these days. Plus I know Kenny very well and understand his thought process and how tedious Kenny is to get jobs done right. Thanks for your service and professionalism, everything on your inspection sheets were in great detail and helped us understand what we were looking at and if there were issues. My parents will need one soon as well, we will be in touch. - Matt Edmunds, referred to us by Stephen Strong @ Michael Saunders Realty. He had this to say about Stephen: " Very professional, upfront, very easy to work with and patient when it comes to finding the right home."

Excellent quality report. Very detailed, good photos and picked up on the small number of items that need fixing. It allowed us to go ahead with the purchase on Anna Maria Island even though we are based in England. - Mike Crowther, referred to us by Marianne Correll @ Island Real Estate. He said this about Marianne: "She's great, very hard working and very friendly."

The guys were all great. Ken was very friendly and did a good job in all areas. He was very forthcoming with info and took his time to do a good job. They are wonderful and we would recommend them highly. We had a question about something on the report and called the office. The question was answered and the way it was handled gave us great peace of mind. - Gordon D. Harbolt and Gayla R. Gimes-Harbolt

Great staff from top to bottom. You guys were perfect. - Joseph Mascaro, referred to us by Mike Bellenghi @ Wagner Realty. He had this to say about Mike: "Mike's the best. Very sharp."

Thank you for sending our home inspection report to us so promptly. Ken did a very thorough job in photographing each item inspected, and compiling the information into an informative, easy-to-follow report. We look forward to reviewing the wind mitigation and four-point inspections, too, and feel confident they were done in the same professional manner as the home inspection was. Gary and I will be happy to recommend your company to others. - Cris Singer & Gary Kaleta

All phone calls were handled professionally and courteous. It was nice to be able to speak to a person. I received the report, and also a call while you were there doing the inspection on some of the important issues. The report was very easy to understand, very descriptive with attached pictures to understand what was written and what to do to repair. Fast, courteous and professional, follow-up emails for any changes, kept the scheduled appointment and on time. HONESTY. Keep doing what you are doing... it's working!!! - Chrissy, referred to us by Mike Polachek @ Keller Williams Realty on the Water. She had this to say about Mike: "Mike Polachek, my realtor, set up my appointment... he has been very satisfied with your service in the past. He's the best!!! He's always there when you need him. He's committed to you whether you are the buyer or seller."

We secretly hired two inspectors to measure service and didn't tell either company. MHIS is, by far, the best service! - Ki Mollison

Love the report, with the very clear photos for each and every item reported on. This was especially great for the top of the roof, which of course we couldn't see, AND for the electrical and plumbing. We knew the house we were considering needed work, and it helped immensely to narrow that down and see what the main issues were. Also, you met a very tight deadline in our real estate transaction, when we had no choice. We've used you before and we'll use you again. Keep it up. Very happy wih the continuing education you receive as the markets and issues change. [I] Used your services when I bought a smaller home here. [I] Was so happy with Ken's willingness to physically show me things I didn't understand, without talking down to me. Great company. - Lora D., who was referred to us by Judy Hockett @ RE/MAX Alliance Group Sarasota. Lora also had this to say about Judy: "Hardest working agent anywhere. She stays on top of EVERYthing in a complex transaction, and helps me understand what is going on, deadlines, terminology, etc. Remembers all the things I would forget. She is a Rock Star."

Thank you, thank you, thank you... for everything you've done for us and for providing us with necessary details throughout the entire inspection process for our new condo. The lanai roof issue has been corrected and because of so many water leaks, we have had all faucets replaced and a new hot water tank installed, along with several other repairs (new screens, etc.). And, all this completed in just a couple of days! I can't stress enough how meaningful the reports have been to us. That said, please know that the inspection reports have been the most valuable item to us throughout the entire home buying process. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. [I] Love everything about MHIS. Very responsive, thorough, fair pricing, and most importantly, honest. - Susan Fisher, referred to us by Rebecca Rich @ Mike Norman Realty

Your Computer friendly business is a wonderful way to assist your clients! [The] Pictures of inspection problems were wonderful as we live out of state and only had a few hours to view the home before our purchase offer. - Client referred to us by Candy Conte @ Engel & Volkers Realty on Anna Maria Island. The client also had this to say about their agent: "Candy Conte is your best asset in referrals! We would have had to pick a random inspection service without her recommendation." Thanks Candy!

You guys are super friendly and easy to work with! - Candy Conte @ Engel & Volkers Realty on Anna Maria Island

Ken - I do appreciate your extra effort and have already given one piece of business this morning. Everyone that has started working with our team and me has to have an attitude like you showed and represented in your act of kindness and willingness to help, even to go the extra mile as you did. [I] Again have sent a client for you to inspect this morning. You are the kind of business people I want to work with as I believe we are called to a higher standard of service and excellence. Thanks again. - Mike Polachek @ Keller Williams Realty on the Water

Report was very detailed and informative. The pictures helped explain any area that was being described as a problem. The report made an excellent "Honey Do List" for me to give my husband. Thank you for that, not so sure he thanks you. - Gina Wertz, referred to us by Lori Guerin & Carmen Pedota @ Big Fish Realty I really liked the fact that the inspector explained in detail what the problems were, where to go to get supplies to fix the problem and a rough idea how much it would cost to fix them. That was very helpful. - J.E., referred to us by Denise Fleece @ Big Fish Realty. She had this to say about Denise: "She's great, helped out ALOT and was very patient with all of my stupid questions. I would refer anyone I know who is looking for a house to go through her. She wanted to help me buy a house not sell a house. I don't know anything about this stuff so Denise broke it down and explained it to me so I could understand it. Thumbs up to Denise!!!"
Prompt service, detailed inspection. The accuracy and professionalism of the report was a major 'decision maker'. - Client from NJ, referred to us by Chris Jenkins @ RE/MAX Realty. She had this to say about her agents: "Chris & Fred were the reason we were able to 'hang in the turbulent real estate market.'

Very prompt, very thorough, very polite, very helpful with evaluation. - D.M., referred to us by Marilyn Sakelaris @ Leslie Wells Realty. D.M. also said that Marilyn was "Super to work with!".

On time, very thorough, very nice man and genuine. I was very happy with Ken and would definitely refer him to others and will use again in the future. - Melissa Wilson & Moises Nieves, referred to us by Thea Wagner @ Keller Williams Realty. They had this to say about Thea: "Truthful, honest and pleasant."

Ken was very informative. He came to do a Wind Mitigation inspection where he gave me advice on how to fix items myself. That went a long way for me and gave me a great reason to keep his business card for my future needs and to tell other people I know. I am genuinely satisfied with the service I received. I was able to save $212.00 a year on my insurance. - Gary Dhamsania

I like the thoroughness of Mr. Ken Miller's inspection of the property as well as his professionalism in his dealings with me. Your staff is doing a very good job. Maintain it that way. - Raul Raymundo, referred to us by Michael Bottoms @ Coldwell Banker Realty. Raul had this to say about his agent: "Mr. Bottoms is the most patient agent I've worked with. It took me about 6 months to find the property I like and I never heard him complain during all that time. As well, he represented me completely as his client in dealing with the sellers' agents. Never did he compromise my position as a buyer."

Very professional. We had a time issues as most do with owners, buyers, realtors, but MHIS stayed & returned to get our inspection done. Thank you so much! - Wayne & Kathleen Glenfield, referred to us by Mike Sabatino @ Scholfield Realty.

Very thorough inspection - done quickly, liked all the information given on the site and in the report - it is something I will refer to for many years. I was given 2 contacts and didn't bother call the other after speaking to your rep on the phone. - Carol Heminger, referred to us by Skipper & Assocaites Realty

Very nice gentleman, helpful. Very personable inspector, very prompt service. - Kelly Johnson, referred to us by her personal friend Shelly Dakin @ Barbara Anson Realty. She had this to say about Shelly: "Love her!"

Pleasant people, thorough report, fast service. - P.G., referred to us by Pam Plummer Nelson @ Coldwell Banker Realty East Manatee Office

It was a very excellent job - explained what he was doing and why. He answered many questions and explained much about Florida requirements. Was very professional! - Daniel Henry, referred to us by Christine Jenkins @ RE/MAX Alliance Group Realty

The thoroughness of the inspection and the level of detail provided was exceptional. Since we were not present at the time of the inspection, the report was tremendously helpful in regards to the type of repairs recommended and the type of contractor to hire for such repairs. We were extremely satisfied with the entire process, from the initial call to Sharri to completion of the inspection and receiving the reports. As we live in Pittsburgh, PA, Sharri and Ken made it easy to do business with their company. The level of service provided far exceeded our expectations. - S.F., referred to us by Rebecca Rich @ Mike Norman Realty

[We liked] Ken's willingness to answer all our questions, especially with concerns we had. - Client referred by Nancy Allen @ Wagner Realty. She had this to say about Nancy: "She is very thorough and quick to respond to my questions."

Thorough, efficient, done in a timely manner. – Jim Hoey @ Claudia's Real Estate

[I liked] The professionalism and honesty of Mr. Miller. I felt that he had my best interest at heart and that he truly cared to provide an honest, accurate answer. - Shakira Rolle

It was great dealing with Ken and Sharri. I was amazed with the detail, the pictures and especially the suggested solution at the lowest possible cost. Although we did not anticipate any issues, however the report gave us an added amount of comfort. It was the detail, the graphics and the advice on how to solve the issues. - V.D.

You cannot beat a small business for service. Everyone is so helpful, courteous, and very professional. - Yeager Family

I liked and appreciated the in person explanations of repairs needed, as well as the helpful suggestions. It was my first inspection and I couldn't have had a better experience. - Garlanda

Professional and Pleasant. Went above and beyond for my inspection as I was not able to be there in person but had a family member there in my place. [I liked] The ease of setting an appointment. My family was there for the inspection and said the inspector was very nice. – P.D.

My wife and I would like to thank you for your excellent effort on our behalf. Please have a wonderful Fourth of July Holiday and may God bless you and yours. Again, Thank You – Russell & Robin McPherson

[I liked] The thoroughness and ease of explanation in the report. When the garage inspection was not completed with the home inspection you immediately took care of that. Mistakes happen and the quick response showed great professionalism. – Susan Withstandley

YES to all the questions below on your form. Also, I just wanted to add that the two young men who did the inspection were very professional and polite. The both answered my questions as we went through the home. I felt that the inspection was very complete. I would recommend your company to others. Thank you. – Dorothy Jackson

Reports from MHIS are trustworthy. We knew that you weren't a "fly-by-night" operation. - Rebekah Brightbill

Thorough Report! I showed it to an engineer friend and he was VERY impressed! - Tom Flagg

I will and have recommended Ken's company to our park board. As a retired business owner, I can say this is a great company. - Wayne Clute

Ken explained the issues he found, gave solutions to correct the problems. Ken is very thorough. I really appreciated his service. You could tell he has experience, he's a people person, & I really liked him. - Sharon Kee

Ken was very thorough. I already recommended his services to a friend! - Sandy Hall

Thank you! Your company is wonderful. I will recommend it to friends. - Karen

Ken was willing to explain things so that I could understand clearly. I learned a lot from the roof I have. - Mazgelis Family

Using only the phone, I was happy with your service. It was detailed and professional. - John L. Schoon

You guys did great! Everyone was friendly & helpful. - David Wellborn

Everything, from sinks to sockets, were checked. The report with pictures was easy to read. - Gisele Savoie

Everything was done perfect! Thank you for your company and experience. I will definitely refer to all my friends. - Dee Lyttle

Ken was very polite, professional, and gave me a lot of information on how to take care of problems. - Urbanus Family

Ken was great, really informative and educated us. - Debbie Allen

Everyone is professional and really care about the customer. - Nancy Woffard

Easy to arrange. Prompt service with a detailed report. - Paul Smith

The report had excellent pictures to demonstrate each item on the report. The report was easy to understand. - Deanna Williams

Ken did things that were above and beyond the typical inspection. - Eric Wyatt

Very thorough inspection. Explained all issues. - Lauren Shaw

A very polite and on time inspector. - April Norris

Ken was willing to explain things so that I could understand clearly. I learned a lot. - Mazgelis Family

I appreciated their kindness and professional work... office staff was especially pleasant. Keep up the good work. - Paul Gustafson

Knowledge[able], professional, explained process. - Kathy Goodwin

The agent was polite, professional, and thorough. - Lynn W.

[I liked the] Promptness and the professional presentation. I will recommend your company anytime I have an opportunity. - Sandra Davis

MHIS sent a 2 man team of inspectors who were thorough, pleasant, informative and clean cut. On time, prompt and great about telling us what was going on with the house. - Tonya Thomas, referred to us by Peggy Christ at Bee Green Realty

Excellent website! Educated me about the inspection process and what to expect. Everyone that I dealt with was very professional and courteous. Great staff! - P.B.

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