Yes, we still find homes with PB2110 supply pipes.

Polybutylene piping, or PB for short, is a flexible plastic supply plumbing material that was in use in home construction between 1978 and 1995. PB can be identified by its light grey colour and the permanent markings on the tubing. As a cheaper and easier-to-use alternative to copper, PB was installed in over 6 million American, and over 700.000 Canadian homes.
Research suggests that PB pipes are too fragile to withstand common disinfectants such as chlorine and fluoride found in the public water supply. And PB will become brittle and crack from the inside out.

Over time, once enough mini-fractures have formed in the pipe, it will wear out completely and rupture, causing a water leak.

Leaks in PB pipes that are located underneath your home can cause severe structural damage to a home or building. And the worst part? These leaks are incredibly hard to detect immediately because they’re not underground and not visible.

The color of the pipe: PB pipes are usually gray in home, but may also be black or blue.

The letters “PB”: For example, in this image look for the letters “PB” next to the numbers 2110.

The easiest places to see PB pipes in your home are...


Near the water heater, connections to sinks and toilets, running across the ceiling in an unfinished basement, at the main shut-off valve, or water meter.

Stuck with PB pipes? Or interested in a home with PB pipes?

If you already have PB pipes, you basically have 2 options:

Replace the pipes with PEX (a new more reliable type of plastic pipe), or Wait until they rupture and pay for expensive water repair, AND a home repipe.

I suggest you replace them before you have a problem. If you are aware of the PB, your insurance will not be willing to take care of your problem. That is if you were thinking that was even an option. Not an option any longer people!!!!

Realtor's you need to have an idea of cost to replace plumbing for PB2110. is an alternate source for 3 bids when you find yourself in a crunch for sub contractors and the local board or your, or we the inspector don't have a contact for you.

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